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Ayurveda Treatement centre - Satva ayur


Satva Ayur Health Centre is brain child of Dr.Gayathri S Kiran, Ayurveda Doctor, And is run under her direct & exclusive guidance as per strict Ayurveda traditions and practices.

Indulge yourselves in cradle of Ayurveda, soothing your body, calming your mind and uplifting your spirits! Satva Ayur Health Centre has a team of well qualified doctors and therapists that sets the perfect ambience for your Healing and Wellness. With Satva Ayur Health Centre, life is meant to be lived for a Hundred Healthy Years!

Satva Ayur Health Centre believes in quality of treatment and results delivered to patients, So we have highly experience therapist and We use No.1 quality medicines like Vaidyaratnam, Dhootapapeshwar,  Himalaya Herbals etc.

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