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The Survival Crisis of Ayurveda Doctors during Corona Pandemic

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Yes, we all have faced the wrath of the corona virus and we are gradually starting to learn to live with it. The deadly corona virus has changed the lives of people of both ends of the spectrum - from daily wage labors to business tycoons. It is a lesson for everyone to learn and adapt to sudden and unpredictable changes that life throws at us. Be it personal health or the global economics, the repercussions of this unexpected pandemic lead us to a much larger magnitude of problems that we could have ever imagined.

To counter and tackle these problems, government had recently announced a 20 Lac Crore special package. Unfortunately, the aid either forgot or overlooked in including Ayurveda doctors into this package. And I am sure there are many other important groups who have also been missed out. This is a concern to be noticed. Being an Ayurveda doctor I believe that am obliged, and as well it is my duty to raise my voice about problems we Ayurveda doctors face during the battle with the Covid – 19 pandemic.

In my understanding, out of 100 Ayurveda graduated doctors only very few prefer to continue practice pure Ayurveda medication system. Among these most of them survive in marginal lifestyle, with hand to mouth monthly business profits. I personally feel we are systematically neglected by the government in recognizing the ways Ayurveda have benefited our society since independence.

Here are the main discriminations that Ayurveda doctors face:

1. We are paid half of stipend compared to other medical systems (discrimination begins right at college)

2. Our so called ‘No. 1 government medical colleges’ are still in premature stages

3. Poor infrastructure compared to other medical systems

4. Until Corona we never saw government talking about Ayurveda

5. Being an authentic & proven Indian medical system we are totally & systematically sidelined.

6. Ayurveda doctors used only for screening in NRHM scheme, but not having any facility to practice with Ayurveda pharmacy at PHC level.

This happens to us despite our wide range of medicines for prevention and our ability to cure most of the diseases, except emergency care situations (of which most of the complications are caused due to the failure of other medical systems), despite having a very good medical system to solve problem from root cause, despite having medication to improve immunity, and despite having a system that gives almost zero percent side effects - I feel we are totally neglected.

I personally treat many skin diseases (Psoriasis, Fungal Infections, and Eczema etc.), diabetes, thyroid, Poly Cystic Ovary Disease (PCOD), infertility, pain management and several other illnesses. Most of my patients, who have not seen any improvement with other medical system, have been successfully cured off their illnesses through Ayurveda often wonder why this ancient and reliable medical system is neglected by government and people.

One small lifesaving breath of hope we got after our Honorable prime minster Mr. Narendra Modi ji started talking about immunity busters in Ayurveda during his corona addresses. And we are totally unaware immense benefit of Ayurveda Medications & Ayurveda therapy system like Panchakarma, Bastis, and Udwarthana etc. for almost all diseases.

Without any support from any source, most of the Ayurveda doctors are helping society with hand to mouth business profits because they are sincerely committed to good & goodness of this ancient Ayurveda and to provide health and wellbeing for Indians. Today, the economic condition of most of Ayurveda doctors is at stake. Somehow all these days we managed Ayurveda practice with one small hope that we will survive tomorrow. That one small hope of today had many problems around it.

Here is the snapshot of some of the most pressing issues and consuming problems that Ayurveda doctors face today.

1. Rent and space problems. An Ayurveda Panchakarma center cannot be run in a small shop. It requires at least 1000 sq. ft. place, and the rents for such spaces are exorbitant.

2. Lack of government funds and support in promoting the significance of Ayurveda, hence we receive less number of patients compared to other medical systems.

3. Even after getting people to Ayurveda with our own efforts, people still harbor doubts about the efficiency of Ayurveda. Some think that Ayurveda is offered for free and there is no need to pay any consultation fee.

4. Supporting staff problems. We don’t have proper therapist training programs ordained by government to train supporting staffs.

5. The level of awareness people have about Ayurveda is limited to Patanjali Soap & Shampoo, Colgate Vedashakthi tooth paste and the recent Veda Marie gold biscuits.

6. Most of Ayurveda doctors find it difficult to survive in this highly competitive medical field as very few people opt for Ayurveda treatment.

Dear government and friends believe me Ayurveda is the most beautiful medical system discovered and being in use for more than 1000 years. In spite of its immense benefits, the field of Ayurveda and the doctors who diligently practice it are completely neglected by government and people. We are struggling to survive on monthly basis. And hereby, I humbly appeal to the Government of India to at least start promoting Ayurveda and instill hope and encouragement in people to avail themselves to this wonderful ancient medical system. It is my wish that we, the Ayurveda doctors, should also be included in the recently announced 20 Lac Crore Package offered by the government.

It’s a do or die situation for us now. It’s now or never.

“If Ayurveda becomes living reality in our life& our societies, People can live like GOD”


Dr. Gayathri S

Satva Ayur Health Centre,

#404, 4th Cross, Jayanagar 7th Block West

Opp. NSVK High School. Bangalore – 70

Ph: +91 9448942843


To Sign petition in Please use below link


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