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Swarna Bindhu Prashana – Ayurveda Immunization

Swarna Bindu Prashana Satva Ayur Helath Centre

Swarna Bindhu Prashana is one of the many important topics mentioned in the Ayurveda (One of the 16 essential Sanskars (regimens) described for improving overall health in children). It is safe & proven Ayurveda combination beneficial for overall development of children. It contains immune building properties and disease preventing values. As per classics, a potion is prepared with pure gold and other Ayurveda brain tonics. The medicine is given on the day of Pushya Nakshathra every month to impact greater efficacy.

The Benefits of Swarna Prashana Bindhu,

>> Increases immunity and intelligence

>> Improves span of attention and concentration

>> Improves memory and learning ability

>> Prevents common recurrent infections like cough, cold and other infections

>> Reduces temper tantrums, attention deficits

>> Reduces Bed wetting & other psychosomatic problems

>> Good sense of hearing, speech and visual acuity

>> Controls asthma and other allergic conditions

>> It helps to maintain good health in healthy children by preventing common ailments

>> It tones skin colors

General Information about Swarna Prashana,

>> Administering Swarna Bindhu Prashana regularly every month on Pushya Nakshathra day, bestows excellent benefits

>> For 0 -16 years children only

>> Good results if given for at least 24 months

>> No side effects

Highlights of Satva Ayur Swarna Prashana,

>> We use sterile, single use disposable vials each time for hygienic dispensing

>> We use proper dosage of Swarna Prashana (Bhasma + Grutham) as described in Ayurveda

>> Medicines and formulations done by experienced Ayurveda Pediatricians

>> Call and Message updates on immunization dates

Upcoming Pushya Nakshathra Dates:

Note: Please bring your Swarna Bindhu immunization health card provided by Satva Ayur every month.

Author: Dr. Gayathri S Kiran,

Satva Ayur Health Centre,

#404, 4th Cross, Jayanagar 7th Block

Near Govt Herige Hospital

OPP NSVK School, Bangalore 560070

Ph.: +91 9448942843 | 080 26760088


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