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Ayurveda for Obesity /Weight management

Weight Loss / Obesity At Satva Ayur Health Centre

Satva line of treatment for Weight management (Obesity) includes two Ayurveda methods to reduce weight. Individually (Udwarthana or Detoxification) or Combined together (Udwarthana & Detoxification).

A. Udwarthana (powder massage)

1. Pressure full massage

2. Reduces subcutaneous fat

3. Inch Loss

4. Skin Toning

5. Natural weight loss up to 1- 3kg

6. No skin Sagging

B. Detoxification (11 days program)

1. Removes all toxins from body

2. Improves appetite and metabolism

3. Natural weight reduction up to 4 to 6 kg

4. Lightness of body

Diet Regimen from Satva Ayur:

07:00 AM: Alovera Juice /Amla juice [any medicated juices – 30ml]

08.30 AM: Medicine

10:00 AM: Fruit juices like carrot(without sugar and milk) or Vegetable salad or Sprouts

12:00 AM: Medicine

12:30 PM: Meals [one /two chapathi], Boiled Vegetables, 1 cup Rice, Butter Milk[1 Glass]

05:00 PM: Medicated Juices [30ml]

06.30 PM: Carrot/Orange/Mosumbi/Lemon Juices

08:00 PM: Medicine

09:00 PM: Vegetable Salad, One or two chapathi with boiled vegetable

Author: Dr. Gayathri S Kiran,

Satva Ayur Health Centre,

#404, 4th Cross, Jayanagar 7th Block

Near Govt Herige Hospital

OPP NSVK School, Bangalore 560070

Ph.: 080 26760088 | +91 9448942843


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