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Ayurveda for Madhumeha (Diabetes Mellitus)

  • Madhumeha is a group of metabolic disorder in which there are high blood sugar levels.

  • Importance of sugar & insulin in the body:

  • Insulin: It’s a hormone produced by beta cells of pancreas

  • Sugar(Glucose): Cells of our body needs sugar for energy

Insulin is the key which unlocks the cells to allow sugar to enter the cell & used for energy.

Symptoms of Madhumeha:

High Sugar Levels (Hyperglycaemia):
  • Frequent urination (Glycosuria)

  • Always Hunger (Polyphagia)

  • Thirsty (Polydypsia)

  • Debility

  • Genital Itching

  • Excess of sweat

  • Delayed healing of wounds

Low Sugar Levels (Hypoglycaemia):
  • Excess of sweating

  • Confusion & Anxiety

  • Heart Palpitations

  • Fainting & Shakiness

Types of Madhumeha (According to Modern Studies):

Type 1 Diabetes (Juvenile Diabetes):
  • It’s a insulin dependent diabetes, A condition in which pancreas produces little or no insulin

Type 2 Diabetes:

  • It’s a non insulin dependent diabetes

  • Cells are insulin resistant and ignore its message to absorb glucose (sugar), it’s known as insulin resistance.

  • Pancreas fails to produce enough insulin indeed.

Gestational Diabetes:
  • It’s diabetes during pregnancy.

  • During pregnancy placental hormones can cause high blood sugar.

  • After baby born gestational diabetes goes away.

  • Gestational diabetes may or may not develop type 2 diabetes

According to Ayurveda:

  • According to Ayurveda, types of diabetes explained based on different contest like origin, symptoms, Doshas etc

  1. Hereditary Diabetes

  2. Familiar Diabetes

  3. Acquired Diabetes

  • Acquired diabetes can because of High caloric diet and Sedentary life style

  • There are 20 types of diabetes according to involvement. 16 types are curable and other 4 types are incurable / difficulty to cure.


  • FBS

  • PPBS

  • HbA1c ( Glycolated immoglobin)

  • RBS

  • Lipid Profile

  • Urine Examination

  • Liver & Kidney Functional test

Reasons for Type 2 Diabetes:

  • Obesity Over weight)

  • High Caloric Diet

  • Sedentary Life Style

Satva Line of Treatment for Diabetes:

  • Panchakarma treatment needed according to condition of the patient

  • Vamana

  • Virechana

  • Basthi

  • Best way to help high sugar is

  • Balanced Diet

  • Proper Exercise

Benefits of Panchakarma in Madhumeha (Diabetes):

  • Helps to reduce sugar levels

  • Helps to increase function & secretion of pancreas

  • Increases fat metabolism

  • Correctional of hormonal imbalances

  • Activates digestive systems

Diet and Regimen:

  • Intake of Barely preparations, Madhukada (Water mixed with honey), Spit roasted meat, Amla (Indian gooseberry). Black Jamun Fruit (Nerale).

  • Intake of green gram, Horse gram, Usage of bitter vegetables like fenugreek and bitter guard etc

  • Usage of Ragi (Finger millet) & Siri Dhanya (Millets) like Navane (Foxtail millet), Samai (Little millet), Arka (Kodo millet), Odhulu (Barnyard millet) & Korale (Brown top millet).

  • Proper Exercises and Yoga

  • Avoid high calorie diet like curd, heavy milk products, deep fried oily items and sweets

  • Avoid junk foods like pizza and burgers

  • Avoid Day sleep, Night Outs, Stress and Sleeping immediately after intake of food.

Complication of Diabetes:

  • Nerve Damages ( Increased sugar level injure tiny blood vessels that nourishes your nerves especially in legs)

  • This cause tingling, numbness, burning or pain that usually begins with tip of toe.

  • Kidney Damage

  • Eye damage(Retinopathy)

  • Cardiovascular Disease


  • Diet and proper exercise plays a main role to reduce sugar levels then medicine

  • Low sugar level is also dangerous. Low sugar level shows quick negative effect than high sugar levels.

  • Sugar level as to be checked once in a 3 months i.e., Glycolate Hemoglobin – HbA1c

Author:Dr. Gayathri S Kiran

Satva Ayur Health Centre

#404, 4th Cross, Jayanagar 7th Block

Near Govt Herige Hospital

OPP NSVK School, Bangalore 560070

Ph.: 080 26760088 | +91 9448942843

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